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Is Healthy Paws Pet Insurance Worth It?

Pet health insurance has grown in popularity as increasing costs in vet bills make it more worthwhile. See how Healthy Paws plans compare to the rest.



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Choosing dog insurance for your pet is incredibly important for their health and quality of life as they grow older. No matter your budget, there are several different options you can choose for pet insurance coverage. You have so many options, but it’s essential to find one that truly fits what you need and covers as much as possible. 

Healthy Paws Pet Insurance is one of the only pet insurance plans that offer unlimited annual and lifetime payouts. Let’s get into what makes their plan affordable, as well as an excellent choice for anyone looking to protect their dogs.

Things to Consider Before Buying Pet Insurance

When you’re looking to buy pet insurance, especially for your dog, you want to make sure that you choose precisely what you need. There are several different items that you need to consider, such as budget, coverage, and what will be the reward for your investment. Here’s a list of some of the things that you should take into consideration that will help you make the right decision for your dog:

  • Coverage types
  • Cost of plan
  • Vets available to see
  • Restrictions on claims or payouts
  • Annual and regular check-up coverage

When you’re looking to buy pet insurance, it’s essential to make sure that you can afford it and give you precisely what you need for your pet. For example, individuals looking to buy dog insurance would need a dog and the funding available to pay the monthly fees and the ability to visit the vets available within the pet insurance coverage. However, if you don’t have a dog or don’t have the funds available, you can pursue cat insurance or even discounted insurance for those who have pets at home.

Introducing Healthy Paws Pet Insurance

If you’ve been looking for a simple plan that covers pretty much everything you need, this is truly one of the best options you can choose because it solves most of the concerns that pet parents have. This is a simple plan that covers most accidents and illnesses and unlimited annual and lifetime payouts. It’s a customer favorite, and has been for several years.

With this plan, you can get repayment for your claims in as little as two days, coverage for traveling in the U.S. and Canada, and you can submit the claims easily on the Healthy Paws app. It is great because people are generally happy with the plan. In addition, there are great remarks about the customer service and the policy coverage, which are incredibly important when looking to buy any insurance plan for any animal or human.

Pros to Healthy Paws Pet Insurance

There are several pros to consider for Healthy Paws Pet Insurance because so many items have been purposely put into the plans to help make it as convenient and straightforward as possible. Here are some of the pros that are most important for pet parents to take into consideration:

  • Unlimited lifetime and annual payouts
  • Claim repayment in 2 days via direct deposit or check reimbursement
  • Covered for travel to the U.S. and Canada for up to three months
  • High customer satisfaction
  • Easy application for convenient use

Other Considerations for Healthy Paws Pet Insurance

Despite the simplicity, there are some aspects of their policies that people need to take into account before they choose to invest in this pet insurance plan. Here are some of the potential drawbacks that you will need to take into account as a dog parent:

  • Exam fee and behavioral therapies not covered
  • 12-month waiting period for hip dysplasia
  • 15-day waiting period for accidents
  • No available wellness plan
  • Plans are not as customizable as competitors

Compared to Nationwide Pet Insurance

When examining other dog insurance plans, there are several differences between Healthy Paws and Nationwide, another strong competitor in the dog insurance market.  Nationwide is extremely popular in the pet insurance industry because they offer programs for both dogs and cats. 

They even offer parrots, birds, rabbits, ferrets, turtles, lizards, rats, hedgehogs, and potbelly pigs. It is an excellent choice for those who have diverse pets, but it might be easier to choose a different pet insurance plan that costs less for those who have dogs.

When compared to one another, Nationwide is more expensive than Healthy Paws. Most plans with healthy paws cost a little less than $40 per dog, whereas dogs covered by Nationwide can cost as much as $60 per dog. Both insurance plans have a practical application that can be used, but a wellness plan is offered Nationwide, which can also add to the cost. 

Still, this depends on the dog you have, their conditions, and how likely they will need coverage for conditions such as hip dysplasia or other concerns as they become older.

Features and Benefits of Healthy Paws

Even though other insurance companies offer more customization or features, Healthy Paws still provides a practical option for those who genuinely want to get the best dog insurance for their pet. With pet insurance coverage that extends to lifetime conditions, it is truly an excellent choice for those looking to cover their pets for life. 

With the sample policy only costing $36.46 per dog, you get 90% of your costs reimbursed and a $500 annual deductible, making it super affordable and rewarding for those who invest in this pet insurance coverage. There are a few insurance companies that genuinely match the quality of this one or have the ability to be able to provide annual and lifetime payouts with no limits.

Conclusion: Healthy Paws for Life

With this plan, you’re not just choosing a health insurance coverage plan for the short-term, but you’re choosing a plan that will carry you as your dog gets older and more and more conditions to arise. In addition, with annual and lifetime payouts being unlimited, it’s genuinely one of the best options because it allows you to get the most reward for your investment into your dog’s health. To find out more about Healthy Paws Pet Insurance, visit their website and get a quote for your dog today.

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