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Why Use ZipRecruiter?

Hunting for a new remote job? Here’s our review of ZipRecruiter, and how it can help you find your next step in your career.



Since 2010, ZipRecruiter has aimed to pair job seekers with promising opportunities and employers with the site’s top talent. With over 7,000,000 active job seekers perusing the platform for roles listed by over 10,000 new subscribing companies each month, the company offers a range of services to individuals of all backgrounds and businesses of all sizes. Given the sheer number of remote jobs posted to the platform each month, it’s no wonder why the site has grown in popularity since the collective pivot to the work-from-home model, especially with its intuitive candidate matching capabilities, broad reach, and tiered pricing plans.

Overview for Job Seekers

ZipRecruiter is ideal for any job seeker who is interested in viewing many different opportunities at once, as opposed to performing tedious searches for individual listings and scouring company websites for open positions. As a job board platform that is utilized by various franchises, as well as competitively hiring companies like Amazon, Deloitte, Facebook, and Google, the site draws in an astounding number of job seekers each year.

Ranked as the #1 hiring site in the U.S. with over 2.8 million businesses having posted open roles, ZipRecruiter offers intuitive AI-matching technology to help job seekers find a number of roles to best suit them. Given the recent rise of work-from-home practices, ZipRecruiter has expanded its approach to job searching by also allowing users to only view remote job options. With 41.8% of the American workforce currently working stay-at-home jobs and an estimated 36.2 million Americans working remotely by 2025, ZipRecruiter offers services to a steadily growing labor market.

Of course, in order to take full advantage of the platform’s many features, it’s essential that you optimize your candidate profile by updating it with accurate information, keeping a well-crafted resume on file, and keeping tabs on any new opportunities that arise. 

Overview for Recruiters

With ZipRecruiter reeling in as many as 30 million job seekers each month, a subscription to the platform’s services provide immediate access to diverse hiring pools for employers. If your company normally struggles with gauging enough interest from qualified candidates, it can begin to leverage the wide exposure of the popular job board platform to consider more competitive talent for each position, especially if they’re remote candidates for stay-at-home jobs. ZipRecruiter also conveniently offers a number of customizable job post templates, overall expediting the process of putting a listing up in the first place. Given the ease with which human resource professionals can collect and review applications on this popular platform, job seekers can also reap the benefits of having greater exposure to more employers.

To most effectively utilize ZipRecruiter as an employer, it’s vital that your hiring team optimizes job listings by including any essential information on the job responsibilities, qualifications, and application requirements. Feel free to include screening questions in the process in order to narrow down larger hiring pools and gauge whether each applicant might be a good fit. 

Using ZipRecruiter

As one of the most popular job board platforms available today, ZipRecruiter continues to facilitate meaningful connections between job seekers and employers in a number of industries. When enrolled, job seekers can search through countless listings by title or keyword, filtering their searches by location, salary, location, employment type, company, and date posted. Conversely, with a paid subscription, employers have the ability to post a job listing from preexisting templates, which is then sent to over 100+ job sites upon going live. Using advanced AI-matching technology, the platform will match job seekers with published listings and invite users to apply. At any time, recruiters are able to view, sort, and rate their candidate matches on an easy-to-use dashboard.

Unlike competitors such as Indeed, ZipRecruiter mirrors a job board layout, enabling job seekers to peruse many options efficiently. The platform uses intuitive technology to pair users with the best opportunities for them, even sending notifications when relevant listings are published. With employers’ ability to review resumes and responses to screening questions in a clean, organized layout, candidate consideration is relatively simple.

Positive Aspects of ZipRecruiter

  • Job seekers have access to countless remote job opportunities using the job board layout, and recruiters can effectively reach diverse talent pools that would not otherwise be reached through other means of advertising. 
  • Job listings are promoted across hundreds of other job sites, bringing them to the attention of many potential applicants across the web. 
  • Drawing in an abundance of employers each year, job seekers have access to companies of various sizes and jobs of versatile types, salaries, and benefits.

Drawbacks of ZipRecruiter

  • The platform is not automatically integrated with social media platforms to maximize potential exposure.
  • Requires a paid subscription for recruiters to post many listings and gain exposure to ideal candidates. 
  • Recruiters have to utilize separate platforms to message and schedule interviews with candidates, making for a somewhat disrupted recruitment experience.


To get employers started, ZipRecruiter offers all businesses a free 4-day trial. Following this period, recruiters must select a paid plan to keep their job listing up on the site. On the other hand, all ZipRecruiter services are completely free for job seekers

  • STARTER (3 active job listings): $249/month
  • TEAM (10 active job listings): $375/month
  • COMPANY (20 active job listings): $576/month
  • BIG HIRING (50 active jobs listings): $752/month

In all, ZipRecruiter might be the job board platform for your business, regardless of its size, if your hiring team is interested in expanding hiring pools to consider more remote applicants. Especially when filling stay-at-home jobs, platforms like ZipRecruiter allow companies to gain access to ready-to-work talent from all over. Because there is no financial investment required of job seekers, trying ZipRecruiter might be worth a shot if you’re wanting to compare many different positions at once. However, given the sheer number of users the platform sees annually, it’s important to set clear expectations for yourself when it comes to heavily trafficked positions on the site. The platform certainly lends itself to competition between top talent, especially when it comes to those advertised with generous compensation packages. 

Summary of Benefits for Job Seekers

  • Easy to navigate job board layout
  • Advanced job search capabilities to help find the best match
  • Easy application process to reduce time it takes to apply
  • Free job search resources to help you succeed in your job search
  • Frequent job listing recommendations based on your profile and search history on ZipRecruiter
  • Responsive customer support to ensure a smooth experience using the site

Summary of Benefits for Recruiters

  • Free trial to ensure you are comfortable with the platform
  • Candidate matching abilities, and resume database to proactively find your ideal candidate
  • Renewable, flexible pricing plans to suit your needs and budget
  • Incredible job listing exposure to help you find more qualified candidates
  • Organized applicant dashboard to help track your hiring process
  • Responsive customer support to ensure success in finding your next great hire

Concluding Thoughts

Beginning your job search can present itself as a rather daunting task, especially when remote job opportunities tend to experience more activity than those based out of a specific location. But with innovative AI-matching technology and countless job search resources available for free, job seekers are able to apply to a plethora of relevant positions quickly and easily. For employers looking to access diverse talent pools, ZipRecruiter offers broad exposure and an intuitive applicant dashboard to rate candidates based on your company’s hiring criteria. 

ZipRecruiter offers an accessible way for companies of all sizes and backgrounds and prospective employees to connect regardless of physical location. With a tremendous amount of traffic from job seekers and employers alike, the platform provides a promising means for professionals to connect.

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