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Can You Buy a Car Without a License?



Can You Buy a Car Without a License?

The short answer is, “yes.”

Technically speaking, anyone in the United States with the financial means necessary is able to purchase a motor vehicle. From there, the answer gets a little more complicated.

Can You Register Your Car Without a License?

This is the first complication if you want to buy a car without a license. In order for your vehicle to operate legally, you must register it with the state you live in. Every state requires that registered vehicles belong to someone with an active driver’s license.

Odds are if you want to purchase a vehicle, you’ll want it on the road. You will need a second person on the registration that is a licensed driver. You can still be a legal owner of the vehicle. The second owner with a license is a requirement in order to be legal with your state.

Can You Insure Your Car Without a License?

There are some options that exist, but it is exceedingly rare. Insurance companies tend to see unlicensed vehicle owners as inherently riskier. Many carriers do not offer plans for unlicensed individuals. Those that do, provide policies with much higher premiums than standard because of that risk factor.

Similar to the registration process, it is much simpler if you try to obtain a policy with a licensed co-owner in the same household.

If you are purchasing a vehicle for someone else to be able to drive you in it, you can list that person as the primary insured. You can still own the policy and have yourself as an excluded driver.

Can You Finance Your Car Without a License?

You need a valid government issued photo ID, and proof of insurance for most loan applications to receive approval.

Concluding Thoughts

You can purchase a vehicle without a license. Be sure to consider all of the other requirements that go along with vehicle ownership. If you plan on having your vehicle on the road, a licensed driver is a requirement to register the vehicle. In order for another licensed driver to register the vehicle for you, that person must be in your household and listed as a co-owner of the vehicle. This same person can also be the primary driver on the insurance policy. This also helps eliminate complications for that process.

If you need to finance the vehicle, be sure the other person is aware that being a co-owner means they will also be on the loan paperwork. This is a part of the requirements for all related parties to be co-owners of the vehicle. Because that person is a part of the process for registration, and simplifying the insurance process, their credit is also a factor with the loan, and also if you miss any payments.

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