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How Can You Use Cryptocurrency?



With the rise of cryptocurrency, people are able to invest through a number of platforms, but using it in, “the real world,” is still limited. In order to use your Bitcoin, or Dogecoin, you usually need to pay a fee to convert it into cash. Who wants to pay fees while juggling funds between accounts?

A Better Way with Unbanked

Now, you can have your digital assets as readily available as cash. With Unbanked, you can use your digital currency in real-time without having to juggle through accounts. You can fund your account with over 12 different cryptocurrencies, plus US Dollars, and be able to use any of it with a debit card, and an account that is enabled to work with Apple Pay, Google Pay, or Samsung Pay. The best part is that you will also get 6.38% crypto rewards when you use your card.

Unbanked provides you with a globally supported financial system, backed with cryptocurrency. It enables US residents to spend, send, or use your cryptocurrency whenever you need it. The process is faster compared to other methods because you don’t need to wait for transfers, or processing time. If you want to purchase cryptocurrency, there is near-instant settlement of your transactions in your account.

Cryptocurrency is not a fad. It’s here, and it’s gaining traction. Unbanked provides you with a bridge between crypto transactions, and the traditional monetary system so that you can easily go between both, and use all your funds as easily as you would in a traditional checking account with a debit card. If you’ve been holding back on starting to invest in cryptocurrency because you are unsure how to use it, or turn it into, “real cash,” here’s your opportunity.

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