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What does ABS Mean on a Car?



Vehicles are built with a lot of safety features, and often designated with different abbreviations that can make it confusing as to what exactly it does. Here are some answers to common questions related to ABS.

What does ABS mean on a car?

ABS stands for anti-lock braking system. What this means is that when you press down on the brake pedal hard enough to cause a potential skid, the ABS system will kick in, and pulse the brakes for you in rapid succession, up to 15 times per second.

Does anti-lock brakes help reduce braking distance?

Not necessarily. Anti-lock brakes are designed to help you maintain control of your vehicle, so that you can turn your wheel and maintain bearing of where you should be on the road. It allows for incremental rotation of the tires so that you may continue to control your vehicle, while the brakes are applied.

What does it mean when the ABS light is on?

This means that the ABS system will likely not function when needed. When the indicator light is on, it indicates a problem with the system that requires maintenance or repair.

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